三Pak提供重载服务, warehousing and logistics services for 总运输服务(万博苹果app) across six facilities that serve the Ports of Tacoma and 西雅图 in the Pacific Northwest.

三Pak用专业知识处理日常事务, and prides itself in creating solutions for customers that have unique shipping challenges. Specialized equipment and trained personnel can transload almost anything, 是否散装, 袋装, 曼联, 宽松的, 和其他人. 三Pak has over 80 rail car spots and can handle transloading for boxcars, 无盖货车, 料斗车, 冷藏汽车, 贡多拉, 油轮的汽车, 和更多的.

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The 万博苹果app Family of Companies offers a full range of 仓库 solutions.

塔科马港口的服务 & 西雅图



  • 能够处理大量液体
  • Ability to handle multiple types of 总s in hoppers or 贡多拉
  • 散装手提袋到达后进入料斗车
  • 进口产品转装到散装火车车厢
  • Our specialized belt can convey nearly anything from Hopper cars to Export Containers
  • Product can come in bulk and go out in small packages
  • We have the ability to unload hoppers and load export 容器

仓库 & 存储

  • 6个设施为您服务
  • 30万平方英尺的内部仓库
  • 外面有50英亩的储藏室
  • 监控摄像头和港口巡逻
  • 铺和坚固
包装 & 实现


  • 板条箱,封锁和支撑可用
  • It may come in like a mess, but it will go out perfect
  • 我们可以解决你的问题


  • 能够对冷藏产品进行日期排序
  • Ample capacity on both the UP and BN rail road to handle inbound refrigerated or boxcars


  • 处理大镐的设备和专业知识
  • 重和大不是问题
  • 是索具和装箱方面的专家
  • 专用绑扎架或容器


  • 我方掌握协调你方货物的工作
  • 往返西雅图和塔科马的运输
  • 用于工地交货的平板
  • 通过卡车,集装箱或铁路,我们有你的覆盖

转运 / CFS Specialists at the Ports of Tacoma & 西雅图

  • 超限设备专家
  • Cross-docking pallets, 手提袋, and floor loaded products
  • 设备负载可达10万磅
  • Easy transloading of frac sand and other toted products
  • 大容量叉车
  • 鞭打专家-第一次就做对了
  • 木材车装卸
  • 专业生产超宽、超规格等产品
  • 豌豆、蚕豆、扁豆等袋装产品
  • 装满了10万辆平车
  • 装载和捆扎平架
  • Experienced transloading specialists - We've seen it all!
  • 设备出口专家
  • 高端出口汽车专家
  • Specialized bale clamps can handle all types of product
  • Various equipment to handle all types of import products
  • 木材装载容量大
  • 出口木材配置规划专家


三Pak's transloading and warehousing facilities specialize in bulk grains, 大量聚集, 冷冻产品, 食品级产品, 木材, 建筑材料, 钢, and various commodities passing through the Ports of Tacoma and 西雅图.

We pride ourselves on the ability to take on all materials, 尤其是那些不寻常的. Our specialized equipment and highly trained personnel can transload almost anything. 三Pak has built a reputation on its ability to handle requests like no other facility in the greater Puget Sound area.

Part of 三Pak's bulk transloading capabilities allows loading and unloading of bulk 料斗车, 油轮的汽车, 大部分的卡车, 容器, 手提袋, 和包. 有三个输送机, 包装线, 便携式螺旋输送器, 泵, 振动器, 和尘埃控制, 三Pak is outfitted to handle all manner of bulk items.

三Pak offers full-service inspection, packaging, labeling, and monitoring. 除散装运输外, 我们提供定制的配送中心, facilitating processing and completion of individual orders with efficiency and care from beginning to end.

三Pak facilities service many companies for both short and long-term storage, often as a stop-over plan for temporary storage as well as import and export cargo. Scheduled collections and distribution make long-term services simple and attract many clients looking to take advantage of reliable solutions. 三Pak's warehouse enables systematic handling and storage of both regular and oversized cargo. 三Pak有六个设施, 总计约300,000平方英尺的内部存储空间, 还有25英亩的仓库. The facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras and are paved and fenced to ensure full security.


三Pak opened its doors in the mid-1980s as the Union Pacific Reload site on Portland Avenue in Tacoma, WA. 与5名员工. 在20世纪90年代末, Cory and Margaret Sonnen purchased 三Pak Uniquely positioned in the heart of the Port of Tacoma, the new owners recognized 三Pak's excellent potential and expanded the business into the import and export of ocean 容器.

The next three years were spent strategically leasing or buying rare, rail-served Port property and investing in three unique proprietary bulk conveyance systems. By 2000, 三Pak acquired 6 locations and handled virtually any commodity passing through the Port, 包括大宗商品, 有机食品级, 袋装, 总, 线圈, 和液体产品, 机械, 和木材. 三Pak offered transloading and warehousing facilities for bulk grains, 大量聚集, 木材, 建筑材料, 钢铁和屋面, 以及许多散装和非散装物料. 三Pak also diversified its ability to be served by all three railroads; Union Pacific Railroad, 伯灵顿北方铁路, 和TMBL.

开车和我们! Small company feel, consistent year-round work, great benefits and pay.




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总运输服务(万博苹果app) is an innovative, asset-based logistics provider driven by 可持续性, 安全, 和加州合规. We are committed to providing Quality in Everything We Do.

万博苹果app is supported by a 专用的 领导 Team with Deep Industry Experience, 强大的合作伙伴, 并获得众多奖项.


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